Thursday, October 29, 2009

500? You're kidding!

As hard as this may be to believe, it seems I have exposed 500 pictures for your viewing pleasure. I went to my online uploaded pictures on the Google Albums of which I had 80 plus and started deleting. First I made sure I had those pictures saved on my external hard drive and then I started cutting. I've removed over 300 pictures and there may be more cuts to come. The main reason I had uploaded them was to have them in a safe place should that dreaded hurricane blow through and I was out of town; I could envision everything swept away in one big huff of wind.

Now I just pack my external hard drive that holds all my photos.

Deleting those pictures off the Google space was the easiest thing I could have done.

This is a test.. let me upload a picture. Lake Martin Swamp once again.
It worked apparently. Problem solved.
Now, today is a pleasant 76 degrees and our cruising altitude.....
but really, it IS 76 degrees and I'm sitting here listening to the a/c unit steadily blowing out some cool air which keeps me happy but I ask, why the hell do I have to have my a/c unit on when in a few days we will be into the month of November? Strange weather and it's been that way all year long. It's going to be a humid wet winter here. The a/c will have to run to get relieve from the humidity!
I'm signing off to go sit down and do some good ole loveable knee stretches.

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