Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fishy Thursday

I'm a mad woman today or I should say I've been racing around like a mad woman today. Hubby called and said he was coming in and I took inventory; gazed around my humble abode and decided I was living in a disaster area.

I scampered (lolol...scratch that...I haven't scampered for years) and started making beds, picking up clothes, vacuuming and doing all those things I didn't get done yesterday. When I was done and the house was nice and tidy, I telephoned hubby to see where he was on his trip back home. He tells me "Oh, it won't be till late this afternoon". A reliefed sigh and I loaded Carrie into the car to go entertain ourselves out of the house.

We went to the "fishie" store. Aquariums, fish and supplies are sold there. We didn't go to buy but to look. We strolled between the rows of tanks, some stacked so high we had to climb on foot stools to view the fish that were swimming in them. Carrie recognized the fish that were in her favorite Nemo movie; she enjoyed herself tremendously.

Our next stop was lunch. Neither one of us ordered a fish sandwich; a cheeseburger and fries was our tasty treat from the drive thru window of Burger King.

Carrie had been up since 5AM. I checked the rear view mirror on my car to see how she was doing with her sandwich. We were headed home.
Poor little girl was sitting with her head slumped to one side and in each hand was 1/2 of the cheeseburger. She was asleep before she finished lunch.

I had to wake her up to get her into the house and into bed. She was exhausted and is still asleep as I type this. Not a very exciting day but a very pleasant day spent watching Carrie as she watched the fish. She never forgets these trips and will talk about them for days and that makes it worth the time I spend taking her to see different things!

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