Friday, October 23, 2009

Pardon my Stupidity

The sun is shining and it's 67 degrees. Perfect. It's such a great day not only because of the weather but my foot is pain free at the moment.
I made it to Hobby Lobby as planned and made my selections on some wreath decorations although I hadn't made it to the wreath section yet. Eventually I spied them hanging on a back wall and hurried over to look at them. I pried a price tag from behind one of the large plain greenery wreaths and gasped. 99.00? So, when did this happen? 15 years ago when I made that last wreath for my front door I know I didn't pay anything close to 99.00 for a plain fake greenery wired wreath!
Needless to say, I went to the register and paid for the things I wanted and left the 99.00 greenery wreath behind.
As I started to get in my car, I noticed the lady parked next to me loading her purchases and there were 4 wreaths in her car. We talked for a bit and she told me there were wreaths in the store for 25.00 that were marked down to 12.00. I threw my purchases into the trunk of my car and went back into the store. It took a while to find them but eventually an employee climbed a ladder and snagged the one I wanted. To the register once again and back in line I waited. Today must have been training day for new employees. The store was full of customers and the employee at the register was being monitored by two or three seasoned employees. Everytime a purchase was made the two helpers had to approve everything the new employee did. It seemed that everytime she entered something into the register she had to void that and do it again per instructions of her two helpers. I had just run this gauntlet a few minutes ago but again I finally get to the register and she sweetly tells me "this lane is closed".
I smiled and handed her my wreath and quietly left. When I got home I headed for the garbage can. Buried beneath a white garbage sack was the perfectly good wreath that I was so happy to part with just days ago. What was I thinking?
I pulled it out and stood there while I stripped all the old faded decorations off of it. I fluffed up, pulled and straightened the branches on it and hauled it to the kitchen counter. Digging in my sack of goodies, I retrieved the battery operated lights I had just purchased. Two sets. I wound the lights in and around my rescued wreath and added the few new things I had bought. I'll add to it in the coming weeks until I have a beautifully refurbished Christmas wreath for the front door.
I saved 12 dollars but more then that, I didn't murder the register person and for that I'm grateful!

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