Friday, October 23, 2009


I'm up, showered and dressed and I'm going shopping. When I cleaned up the Little House, I pitched my Christmas wreath. It was past due. Years of hanging on the front door in the blistering sun had melted all the coating off the baubles; the plastic apples had faded to a dull pink and whoever heard of pink apples? The string of battery powered lights had ceased to light up a couple of years ago. Yes, it was time. I happily pitched it into the trash barrel, turned my back on it and continued to clean the Little House.
Today I will make a trip to Hobby Lobby and buy a new wreath and with my handy dandy glue gun and new decorations for it, I will hopefully create a beautiful wreath that will decorate my front door for a few years into the future.
Every year when it's time to get out the Christmas decorations, I promise myself that next year I will get started early; sort out and get everything ready while the weather is pleasant. This is the year. I'm going to start this month sorting and dividing into totes what I need and have it ready. I'm doing nothing else this weekend; hubby just got called to go to Texas, Carrie will not be around and I will have time to putter.
On my list to do is start pitching stuff out; emptying out drawers of clothing not worn or needed. This always makes me feel better when I purge this stuff out of the house.
Carrie and I have a birthday party to attend on Sunday. Monday will be a day at the theatre to see "Where the Wild Things Grow".
I'm behind already. The time is flying by and so am I!

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