Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Fall Sunday

Finally we have some cool weather. I know the coolness will be chased out of here by the coming week when the temperatures are predicted to be back up in the 80's but for right now, I'm enjoying the coolness.

Carrie spent the night and also today with us. She has stayed inside most of the day except for a few circles she made in her jeep in the back yard. I'm having a lazy day and except for the little housework, I've mostly spent my time entertaining Carrie and doing some computer time. Computer time is difficult to sneak into my day when Carrie is around. As soon as she sees me at the computer, she wants to watch You Tube Videos. Animal uploads and nursery rhymes on You Tube is her preference so that is what we do. It's nice to sneak in here when she is having a nap and go where I want to go; no requests from anyone on where to surf.

I can still hear the a/c unit humming away and the outside temperatures are in the low 60's. The sun heats up the house so I'm sure it's hotter inside then out causing the a/c unit to bear the burden. I'm waiting on a video to finish uploading so I can add it to this post. That's how my family up north keeps up with Carrie's growth. They get to see her online.

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