Friday, October 2, 2009

Weighty Subject

Here I sit with my new sneakers laced up tight, right foot on a pillow with another pillow on my knee and a 10lb weight upon that pillow. I'm trying for two things. I'm trying to get used to wearing sneakers instead of sandals and I'm trying for more extension on my right leg. I can get full extension with the weight but I can't maintain it. The answer to this dilemma? I need to weight it frequently. I've slacked off for a while and it's time to take the time to sit myself down and get back on my program.

Tonight is "Downtown Alive" and we are discussing the likely possibility that we will go. We don't know who is playing in the street tonight but it won't matter. It's a good time to get out for some free entertainment and to enjoy the cooler weather which has visited. Sonny Landreth will be playing sometime this month and we will be sure to make that appearance. My friends husband, Dave Ranson is a member of that group and they are the band that plays with John Hiatt when he does an album that isn't a solo album. Fall arrives and with it comes Downtown Alive and the street entertainment. Everyone gathers at Parc Plaza with their chairs, blankets and children for the shows. In years past these bands would set up a bandstand in the middle of the street and play but now they have built an open plaza for them.

The children dance with their parents and siblings along with the couples enjoying the music.

Once fall and winter arrives the outdoor activities increase. This is the time of year we spend outside. This is the time of year I like to go spend a weekend in New Orleans. It's cool enough to traipse around the Quarters and hang and listen to some good Jazz.
I'm ready for some fall, some jazz and some outdoor time!

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