Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ripples in The Pond or To "EVE"

Yesterday I received a comment on my blogs about my sisters' hospital stay in St. Joseph's Hospital in Parkersburg, WV by a person calling herself "Eve".
Eve says she found my comments while Googling information on St. Joesph's Hospital. First of all I know this as her first lie in her comment she left on my blog. Eve did a search on Google for the title of MY blog. Therefore she knew what she was looking for and either she works for the hospital or she was alerted to my blog by someone else that has been reading it and there have been many that have passed around this blogs' http.

Apparently Eve works at or previously worked at St. Joseph's Hospital and offered her defense of the place. To this I reply, have you had the type of surgery? I would love to see how some of the nurses there endure this surgery without a Dilaudid infusion and a femoral block. I've had surgery on my knee two times prior to this last surgery of the knee replacement and the pain was horrendous.

There was actually one nurse there that said she had a knee replacement done in outpatient surgery and only stayed in the hospital 3 hours before being discharged and she only took Tylenol for pain. Do you think this nurse was trying to make my sister feel like a big baby with her pain? Trying to discount her pain? I hardly think anyone had a knee replacement and went home in 3 hours and all this while taking Tylenol! And this is the behavior that Eve is defending? I'll add Eve to my "shame on you" list.

Thankfully the surgeon I chose to do my knee replacement 7 months ago did a femoral block AND a Dilaudid infusion. The femoral block can be turned down to slow the infusion of pain meds when the patient goes to rehab and if you have good rehab staff, they won't let the patient fall! I'm afraid my sister chose a place that wasn't careful enough with the patients so the femoral block was denied all the recent patients.

I still shudder when every Tuesday and Thursday rolls around and I think of all those patients entering the butchery of a knee replacement and then returning to the staff of St. Joseph's. The least they could do there is have a continuous infusion of pain relief for them and for anyone to defend the practices of that place is inexcusable!

There, I've had my say. No patient should have to endure that pain and thankfully in this century there are ways to avoid this if only they were used.

P.S. To Eve: I really am not impressed with your goal of a master's degree. One of the nurses that was so rude and ignorant with my sister was "working on her master's degree".
Her performance was very unprofessional; her attitude very disrepectful to my sister and the person sitting in that room noting the behavior of everyone involved in her care. Yes, there were a few very nice nurses; they were assigned her room after all the ignorant cruel nurses were not allowed back to her room. I've noted the behavior of those too along with the ignorant, unprofessional, uncaring ones!

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