Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Swamp Ride

SwampGAGEOct2009 001
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I drove through the swamp yesterday and this is our fall here in Louisiana. Lots of yellow flowers were in bloom in the marshy water; I didn't hang around long to look for alligators. A large black shiny turtle was sunning itself on one of the trees that was broken and laying across the green algae water. I was on a trip so I just drove on till I was off the gravel road that takes you through this shortcut to my friend's house.

I didn't return till after dark and when I drive this gravel road through the swamp after dark my imagination runs wild! "What ifs" start running through my brain. "What if" the car broke down. Cell phone service is iffy at best while crossing through this swampy area. "What if" I had to get out of my car on this road after dark. I've never seen another vehicle on this road after dark. Houses are scarce. Hunting camps can be seen on the side opposite the swamp but they are buried way back in the woods barely seen from the road.

I hurriedly drive through on this road and ignore the posted speed limit. 25 miles per hour? Hell no! Somebody could chase me on foot and catch me at that speed. I envision a big ol 'gator lying across the road and my car hitting that solid mass of muscle and hide and raking the whole undercarriage out of the bottom of my car and then not even fazing the 'gator. Ah, but the scary things I can imagine!

I breathe a big ole sigh of relief as I exit the gravel road onto the pavement for the remainder of the trip to my house. Although the swamp can be a beautiful place, the snakes, gators, turtles and nutria rats swarm my imagination into one giant horror show after dark.

I'm off to pick up some more wreath decorations. Carrie will be busy this coming weekend doing some wreath crafting. Idle hands and all that ya know........

You have heard that saying? "Idle hands are the devils workshop". Isn't that how that goes? I never get those sayings right. My mom would always says "sticks and pins" instead of "needles and pins". She never quite got em right either so it must be a genetic thing. I think its' called "not listening.

Oh. One other thing. I've used all my Google Album space up. I had to go to Flicker and post my swamp pics and send them from there! Maybe it's time to remove some pictures from my Google Albums and relocate them onto my external hard drive storage thingie! (Thingie" one of my sister's techinal terms!) lol.


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