Monday, October 12, 2009


Thunder is rolling overhead and occasionally the rain that is clotted in the clouds is released to form puddles at the end of my driveway. The humidity is so thick you can almost part it with your hands; it's a curtain of moisture mist hanging.
The cool air has vanished like a faint memory. The temperatures are back to the high 80's and add in the humidity and you have a day that sucks! I should be looking at this as just a different sort of day. A day that sucks would encompass sickness, death or disease so my description shouldn't be taken too seriously. Occasionally the sun breaks through and the dreariness of the day disappears instantaneously. It's amazing what a little sunshine will do.
Carrie left this morning to go hang with her mother. She was excited to be going to visit her mom. She said "we have fun together; we do fun things" although she couldn't elaborate on what those fun things might be. She slobbered kisses all over me and her Poppy and was on her way. She tuned the radio to music of her choice and sang with the song while dancing in her seat all the way home. She knows the words to the popular songs being played or at least on the station that her brother listens to with her. She learns quickly and I can see why people say their brains are like sponges at this age.
I'm taking this opportunity of an almost empty house and no demands from anyone to continue stretching exercises on the knee. Always with the stretching. This is Monday and I should post an ugly knee picture. It's for "The Record". That would be the record I'm keeping on here. I've found my memory is not what I think it is. I scroll back to older posts and don't actually remember the time frame for some of the healing on this knee. It's nice to have it recorded on here and to that end, here is that UKP(ugly knee ).
I still don't have full extension. I use a 10lb weight and with the weight it will extend to "0". I still have the pain in the achilles tendon and I'm still taking the Celebrex although I really don't think it is effective. I'll take another 2weeks of it then I'll have to address it again with a foot specialist. That's it for the clinical update for this week and this month. I'll post another knee update in a month.

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  1. You really have done well.

    (We had snow up here. Want to trade?)


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