Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Little House Cleaning in "The Little House"

The above pictures are from left to right around the room and yes, these are the "after" shots.

The husband said proudly "Look! See how nice the patio looks? Why can't you keep it that way?" He really didn't expect an answer to that question. And later in his part of the "Little House" he proudly displayed how neatly he had it arranged; all the tools hung on the walls, the work bench he had built against the far wall was tidy.

I opened the door to my side of the "Little House" and was met by all the stuff he had taken off the patio and out of his side of the "Little House". It was shoved just inside the door and was helter skelter; in one word, a mess!I was waiting for cooler weather before I tackled that mess and today the temperatures were moderate so I decided to at least get started. I stood just inside the door and hesitated. I didn't know where to start.

After a couple of hours, I had sorted and moved and stacked and pitched and finally I had an entrance into the "Little House". The floor could be identified; it was organized. I swept the floor and closed the door. I debated on locking it to deter any further depositing of "stuff". It was a chore that waited for cooler weather and it's done and for that, I'm grateful!

I'm taking a break the remainder of the day. There is no sense in over doing it. One thing accomplished so I owe it to myself to laze around and that is what I will be doing!

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