Sunday, November 1, 2009

Karen and The Why

Wow, November the 1st? What have I done with this whole past year? Well, it WAS the year of the knee and that would have been a breeze had it not be for the dang ankle and the Achilles tendon problem which I do notice an improvement in that condition. It is still painful but not as bad as 6 months ago.

Halloween is over and I know I should be thinking of Thanksgiving but I don't. November 1st conjures up thoughts of Christmas. I seem to skim right over Turkey Day. A lot of members of families that do the cooking on this holiday are dragging out cookbooks now or old family recipes and preparing for the Day of The Bird. Me? I watch an old Pocahontas cartoon with Carrie to get me in the mood.

This blog is dedicated to Karen so I might as well get on with it.

Dear Karen, my friend of many years. By this time you should know that when you suggest something to me to do or when we discuss buying certain things and you let me know what worked for you, you then need to tell me the why of it all. It's much like cooking gumbo. The directions the natives gave me when I moved here was all fine and good but I needed the "why" of it all. They told me to cook the roux for hours and hours but they didn't' tell me why. I didn't cook it for hours and hours. I cooked it till it was nice and brown and looked like what they served. It tasted awful. Years later the "why" was revealed to me. Hours and hours of cooking the roux takes away the singed flour taste! Ah, but if they had only told me the "why".
When we discussed a certain article of clothing which is very important to our well being you shared with me what you wore and how pleased with it's performance. I rushed out and purchased some. Not exactly what you had purchased and it wasn't until just a few days ago that you mentioned the "why" and suddenly that light bulb up there in the recesses of my brain clamped onto that information and I had an "ah" moment.
Please, Karen. Let's not let me continue making those mistakes. To start with, that gets damn expensive. I need the "whys". You know I do and I shall forgive your lack of understanding but this blog hereby puts you on notice that it won't be tolerated again my old friend.
Oh, and to all those out there that do not understand this little note to Karen, it's really not that important to anyone unless you are instructing me on something, then you must tell me the "why".

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