Monday, October 5, 2009

Foot Sensor

We tucked into bed at 8:30 last night, turned on the television and tuned in to The Animal Planet where we watched an aquatic show. Bora Bora and the coral reefs, beautiful fish, strange sea creatures and crystal clear aquamarine water, Carrie loves this and so do I. We laughed and talked for a while discussing what we were seeing. Soon she rolled to her side and her breathing became shallow and slow and I knew she was asleep.

It's still early so I slid my feet to the side of the bed and amid groaning bed springs and wood creaking, I tried to be quieter then the bed and sneak to the living room to watch TV and stay awake a while longer. If I go to sleep too early I'm awake at 3AM and unable to get back to sleep. I stayed in the living room for an hour or so then crept back into bed with Carrie.

Carrie has this little trick she does when she goes to sleep. She won't sleep alone and to insure that you don't sneak away during the night, she keeps a hand or a leg and foot pushed up against the one sleeping with her. I know her little tricks and I was surprised when I was able to sneak out of the bed without her awakening.

4:30 AM rolls around and I'm awake once again. I ease myself away from Carrie's foot and repeat the maneuvers of getting quietly out of bed. I make it to the sofa and turn the TV on and lower the volume and just as I'm drifting off to sleep, I hear her padding down the hallway. When she arrives to stand in front of my face and in her accusatory tone asks "Why did you sneak away?" Of course I lie. I told her I had to get up to use the bathroom. Since the sofa is an uncomfortable sleep for two people, I get up and take her hand and we slip down the hallway to the bedroom. I heave her up into the tall rice bed and immediately she rolls over and goes back to sleep with her foot touching my thigh. I sleep also, although it was only for another hour.

Back to the sofa, alone for the moment and soon Carrie is back up and standing in front of me with her question once again. Back to bed and back to sleep. Finally at 6:30 I'm back up and in the kitchen making a pot of coffee when I feel her arms wrap around my legs. I didn't hear her coming and I was startled. I bleated a little scream and she laughed. As soon as the coffee was dripped, I poured a cup and headed to the sofa. I'm done for the night and so is Carrie. We both sat in front of the TV tuned in to Noggin and watched her favorite cartoon channel till daylight started streaming through the windows.

Sleeping with Carrie is always a challenge. She must have a built in sensor that tells her when she is in the bed alone or maybe it's just the foot against the thigh that works so well for her.

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