Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Paige

Norma (dark hair) Peg(light hair)

A children's birthday party can be hazardous to your health. Dodging all those two and three year olds plus the ones just learning to walk makes for an obstacle course that takes some skill to maneuver. One minute there is no one in your path and the next a tiny one has skittered right beneath your next step. Those little guys can move quickly; unfortunately I can't. I don't think I injured any of them. Although there wasn't an automatic pin setter like there is at the bowling alley, the little ones would pop right back up and without hesitation continue to dart and sway through the crowd.

Peg's granddaughter was enjoying her birthday party yesterday so Carrie and I shopped for a gift for her and arrived for all the fun. Peg is too smart to hold this party inside. It was held on her carport where the drink spills and the smooshed birthday cake could be hosed off the kids and the floor. The men folk were gathered back at the pool house watching the N.O. Saints play the Miami Dolphins and occasionally I would wonder back there to catch up on the score; a high scoring game that bounced back and forth between the two opponents.

I was the designated camera person; my assignment was to get some good photos of the birthday girl for relatives to receive in the mail. .

Then I started getting requests from some of the adult.
And when I did the picture of Shannon (below) and emailed it to Peg to give to her, I made sure I told Peg to tell her "she isn't THAT pretty. Photo shop works wonders! The first one is the"before Photo Shop"

I removed the truck parked behind this couple below.

and another "couple"

and Peg's sister.

and the oldest person there:

Many more pictures were shot; I'm saving them to a CD for Peggy.

I'm gone. Too much to do to stay inside on this pretty day! Did I mention the weather is AWESOME? No humidity, no heat and my hair looks FABULOUS!

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