Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Want

My needs are few and for that I'm grateful. My wants are almost as few however I do want to see the pilot when I board my next flight. I want to make sure he is dressed in the mother ship's required uniform. I want to also rest assured that he isn't planning on slipping into a pair of pajamas as soon as we reach cruising altitude. Is he yawning already as we taxi down the runway? Is that a glass of warm milk he is sipping while rubbing his eyes? Is he humming bedtime lullabies?

I suppose by now you have recognized to what I am alluding too?
I, the white knuckle flier, was actually nauseated when I watched the news report of the pilots that missed the whole damn stop in Minnesota. I realize that 150 miles out of ones way was a mere few minutes when you are flying at 500 miles per hour. I know they didn't respond to any radio interactions for 1 1/2 hrs and during that time, they missed their stop. I'm supposed to believe they were having a little tiff amongst themselves? Ok, just stamp "stupid" on my forehead and let me move along!
I just don't know how I will be able to talk myself into climbing those stairs or skipping down that gangway onto another flight. Should I carry a couple of walkie talkies and hand one of them to the pilot with a warning that I will be calling and I will expect him/her to answer? Should I be allowed to ask the stewardess to knock on the door to the cockpit every half hour and wait for a response from the steady Eddies' manning this ship? Who cares about terrorists. I want the door to the cockpit left OPEN so I can keep an eye on those fellows.

Bad enough that I hate to fly; that I fly only when walking or driving to my destination is a disadvantage to me in regards to time. Now I have to sit through a flight and wonder if the pilot has decided that he and the copilot need a wee rest break while hurtling through space at well over the speed limit of any ground vehicle that has raced the Salt Flats?
Will we ever know what those pilots were really doing? How could BOTH of them be asleep? Don't they know the meaning of "taking turns"? Couldn't they have at least set a damn alarm clock to wake them so they could make the airport?
Outraged? Yes, I am! Call me anything you want but I also don't expect my surgeon to fall asleep during surgery. There are just some jobs that one does that it's just not feasible to expect a nap while doing that job. I don't want much and for that I'm grateful but could you please manage to schedule your rest breaks at a more appropriate time?

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  1. It's a shame you have such a difficult time talking about what is on your mind. :-)


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