Saturday, October 24, 2009

Final, I Think

This is the final product. I think it's final unless I find something else to stick onto it. I made a trip to The Dollar Tree where all the junque is 1.00! Amazing huh? I don't go often but as I wander the aisles I can't help but wonder if some sweat shop somewhere was cranking out all these dollar items. I mean, how else can one produce something, package it, ship it and have a whole crew of people involved in the transactions to get the product to the shelf and only charge a dollar!
I made my purchases and my get away. I had one more stop to make and could or should have done a few more things but I hate to shop. I can do one and maybe two stores but I'm not the type to stay in a store long nor go from store to store to store. I have a goal; something I have to get and I get it and get out. I'm not curious as to what is out there. I am kept up to date on all the marvelous things on the shelves by my sister who could stroll the aisles all day long. Oft times we can be talking and I'll mention something and say "wish those were made" and she offers up to me the information that "yes, in fact, those are in production and let me tell you where to go buy them".
It's almost like havng a personal shopper though I suppose she could be described as a long distance advisor. She never passes up a sale. There is something there that she could use, somebody else could use, she might need or somebody else might need. Of course after she takes it home and stashes it out of sight, it is frequently out of mind until she bumps into it while on the hunt for something else.
I bought enough stuff for Carrie to make her own wreaths. We usually make something for the grgrandparents and her other grandmother. This year it will be lighted wreaths with her picture in a wooden cutout that we will paint.
I'm off to the "Little House" to make a mess. I'm sure a mess will be made as I sort and discard.
Have a happy productive or non productive as you wish day!

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