Thursday, October 15, 2009


I hate to keep bringing this up ...but see...I'm HOT. I'm sitting here after making a trip to the back yard with sweat gathering on my brow. The a/c unit kicks on and I feel a rush of cold as it starts evaporating the moistness. Ah, relief!
I keep listening to my sister and friends "up north" and by that I mean north of the state of Louisiana, talking about sweaters, afghans (the blanket) and starting up the fireplaces. I grit my teeth and try to listen nicely without bellowing out a string of cuss words. I'm hot. I did mention that once already didn't I? I hate to keep repeating myself. I've already taken a cool shower and I'll repeat that again before bedtime to wash the salt off me.
Carrie is zooming around the yard in her little Jeep while hubby is trimming the shrubs and cutting back the Crepe Myrtles. I'm hiding out inside doing house chores and being grateful I have someone that cuts back those shrubs. If it were left up to me that could wait until the temps had dropped more then they are right now.
I seem to be obsessing? Yes, I am and I make no apologies. I'm taking my foul attitude and placing myself under an a/c vent for a while.

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  1. I love the summer, but enough hot is quite enough!

    Yeah, I've actually got a little fire blazing at the hearth tonight...

    Did you mention you were hot?


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