Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I remember when it would have taken a couple of sticks of dynamite to get me to wake up; recently that is not the case. I wake at 3AM, again at 4 and finally if I'm lucky, 5:30 at which time I gratefully crawl out of bed. I don't exactly remember when my regular routine sleep pattern changed over to this abnormal but normal for me now pattern. I miss those days when I would lie down and instantly fall asleep to awaken 6 hrs later to start my day again. Maybe 6 hrs. isn't enough for most of you but for me it was fine. It was 6hrs. of uninterrupted sleep. I was refreshed and alert. I emphasis the word "was".

Lately I've resorted to taking two Tylenol PM's and an Ambien if available. The Tylenol besides having a sleep aid also has a pain reliever so that helps with the ankle problem.

I won't discuss any other medical problems here. Seriously though, I don't have much to complain about and I have to remind myself of others that are not as fortunate as I.

I didn't do much yesterday; I didn't even post. I did enjoy the cool temperatures and I won't be bitchin and snortin all over the place because the temperatures are so high and so abnormal for this time of year. We have finally reached some normalcy.

The "end of summer" yard work is done thanks to hubby. That has kept him busy and out of the house for the past week. New flowers are being reborn from the dropped seeds of the previous ones and unless we get a frost I should have a colorful fall yard soon.

I'm going to sit on the floor with the wieghts on my knee to get that done before the day gets much further along. I don't like taking the time to do this; it's not difficult to do and doesn't take that long but I can always find other things to occupy my time and then I delay doing it and it never gets done.

I'm off here to s t r e t c h!

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