Friday, October 9, 2009

Waving at Three

Carrie waved farewell to her number 3. She is officially four years old and she enjoyed her celebration yesterday.

A pink jeep and her own swing set caused her to dance in circles and clap her hands. She spent Wednesday night with me; Thursday was her big day. Multiple birthday cakes littered her day. Her grandmother in Lydia, La. had a cake for her when she stayed overnight on Tuesday and then here a cake awaited her and one more when she got back home to discover her swing set in her yard.

After a long nap, she was taken to Chuckie Cheese along with friends and family where she played for the next 4 hours; a good birthday for the birthday girl.

She won't be visiting her father on the weekend for the next month or so. He will be working so Carrie will spend that time here with us. She will have plenty of time to learn to steer that little pink jeep. Right now she has some fear of it but I'm sure that will disappear as soon as she learns to control it. After this weekend we should have some normal October temperatures and get out of the unseasonably warm 90 plus temps. I'm really tired of sweating as soon as I step out of my house. It's time for some fall weather. I'm not asking for cold temps. I know it's too early for that but we should have cooled off here in the deep south by this time of year. I won't expect a snow in December although I would like to be wearing sweaters by that time. I own one sweater and one coat which are difficult to find since they aren't worn much.

Late Afternoon:

The skys have darkened, the wind is howling and the television show I'm trying to watch keeps getting interrupted with severe weather warnings. I called daughter to tell her that a storm would be here in a few minutes. She, of course, hadn't noticed anything on the tv. She made light of my news and within 10 minutes the clear skys had changed into what I can see out my window right now and it isn't pretty.
This is the rain that was predicted for this weekend right before the temperatures will start to drop and our weather will get to a normal for this time of year. I'm ready. I'm ready to not hear the air conditioner unit kick on and run day and night. I'm ready for a few nice days to sit outside and not have sweat saturate my hair and clothing.

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