Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lake Martin

SwampGAGEOct2009 002
Originally uploaded by FTell001

This is another swamp picture moved here courtesy of Flickr...
Can't more then one picture be sent to the same blog? What's up with that????
I'll have to check this out a little more because this is surely a pain to do it this way!


  1. I'm making a comment on my own blog! But I'm on a learning curve here. Since I have to go to Flickr to post a pic I have to figure out what this is doing. I just realized you can click on the link beneath that pic above and it will take you to Flickr to view the other pictures I shot yesterday! Go figure!

  2. One picture to the same blog??? That is crazy talk. Maybe that cute little granddaughter will have to quit posing. No, that won't work. I have 2 hard drives and an external drive and I have backed up all my pics on discs. You can never have too many pictures. Love those digital cameras.


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