Thursday, October 22, 2009

Family Fun!

I hear from the office the sirens blasting on the tv in the living room. Tornado warnings, weather advisories; it looks like we are in for some interesting weather. Occasionally I can hear the downpour from where I sit. The rain is splashing on the concrete and the wind is combining to make a melody. We don't usually get tornadoes here; north Louisiana does and quite often. Of course they (north La.) miss all of the hurricane fun or at least the brunt of it. They slow down considerably as soon as they hit land.
It's been a quiet day. Overcast and humid and now the rain has finally arrived. Because it looked so gloomy this morning, Carrie and I spent our time seaching You Tube videos. She tells me what to look for and I do the typing. We search for strange things but mostly anything with animals and/or music will tickle Carrie's fancy.
Sometimes I look at Carrie and wonder what will stick with her as she grows up. Memories. What memories of her time spent with us will she retain as important.
I flash back to memories from my childhood. I'm sure the things I remember weren't anything that could be considered "memorable" or at least any more then any other happening in my youth. Building roads in the dirt hillside with a spoon? Walking along the creek in the cold to the neighbor's house to go trick or treating? Climbing out on the roof from the second floor bedroom in the hot summer to cool off? Drawing circles in the yard and shooting marbles? Chores we were expected to do?

What will she attach importance to? Will it be the time spent coloring with her, the computer time together? The trips to the park, the movies or the drives to her house?

I remember staying with my grandmother. Bath time there. Walks, cooking, watching TV every afternoon and taking a nap with my Nana.
Siblings! What a wonderful invention. Sometimes talking with my sister will trigger a memory. We compare stories. Sometimes I don't remember the same things that she remembers. I wonder at these times if we were even in the same house and family. How did I miss some of the things she remembers. I was older so I don't expect her to remember some of the things I remember. When I was 5 she was 1yr old. Of course she wouldn't remember some of my older memories. She attaches her own importance to some things and that's what she remembers. When all seven of us are together, we rely on the eldest, a brother, and usually he never fails to fill in the blank spaces for us.
Family. You can't live without em and murder is illegal the remainder of the time.

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