Saturday, October 10, 2009

Heaven is 67 degrees

I opened the door this morning to a cooler friendlier great outdoors. AH, finally we have something we can live with. I don't think it will last long but any relief is better then continual oven temperatures and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it. I went outside this morning to the smoke area and sat with hubby while he brought his nicotine levels up to a joyful feel good region. It was pleasant sitting there watching the smoke from his cigarette curl upward to the draft caused by the ceiling fan. One thing I don't miss is the odor. I have become sensitive to the odor now and I prefer to be around it in the great outdoors.
I'm a new non-smoker and contrary to what you may be thinking, being around smokers' doesn't entice me to be one. I still have cravings occasionally but it is not at the same time that someone else lights up and for this I'm grateful.

I made my morning trip to the store and I went early to beat the crowds that will inevitably crowd in later. I walked the store without pain and without a limp. The exercises I have started again are stretching the muscle around the knee and the limp is getting less noticeable.

Today LSU plays Florida. Need I say more? The natives here are all the way LSU fans and they are loud and proud of their college team. I saw purple t-shirts, caps and shorts on most of the walking shoppers in the store. The game won't start until tonight. The grills are ready to be fired up and here the chicken wings are marinating, cheese, crackers and other snack foods will be plated and munched on throughout the game.
College football all day long is the typical Saturday for this time of year. I'm watching the games but not with my undivided attention. I surf between the games and tv movies.
I'm off to have a do nothing Saturday. I'm beginning to enjoy doing nothing. I should have discovered this years ago!

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