Wednesday, October 14, 2009

89 Degrees and Oct. 14th!

Even for the deep south, this is just not normal although I do remember a Halloween when the children dressed in their disguises were sweating and pulling off their masks because of the weather. By this weekend we are promised another respite from the temperatures. We don't have a fall season here. It's either summer or winter. Right now I have another crop of flowers coming up from being seeded from the previous flowers that were in those beds. I pulled the wilted dead ones out and can now see seedlings pushing through the earth. Unless we have a freeze, I'll have fresh new flowers blooming.
Morning errands done and we stopped by the open air market. Fresh Poblano peppers were purchased which I'll use to make Chili Rellenos for dinner tonight. That taken care of we headed out to find a place to have lunch.
I've lived down the street from The Wok for years and never stopped in until today. What a great treat. We ordered off the lunch menu and it was less expensive then eating at McDonald's or Burger King. Sesame chicken and fried rice, won tons and fortune cookies and all for 4.99 and it was delicious. The servings were so large that only 1/2 of it was eaten; the remainder sits in the refrigerator for another time. This will be on our "lunch list" hereafter.
Carrie arrived at 3:30 to spend the night with us and immediately she wanted to know where her "Pops" was. No kiss, no hug for me but a request to see her Pops. Her Pops plays imaginary games with her imaginary friends, he makes up stories for her and romps in the yard with her. Is it any wonder she requests him as soon as she walks in the door?
My quiet afternoon will now be interrupted with requests for something to drink, an escort to the bathroom and food when she gets hungry and a bath later. She's not difficult to have around and I enjoy her being here. I pack away "lazy" and the thoughts of a nap. I spend some time with her while she still wants to spend time with us.
It's time to put the Poblano peppers in the oven to roast, then peel and start making the Chili Rellenos. It's my turn to cook and with that, I'm outta here to fire up the oven!

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