Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ducks, Ponds and Parks

This picture was taken in 2007 and two years later at the same place the following was taken!

We just returned from visiting the Veterans' Park with Carrie. With bread in hand, she fed the ducks and danced beyond their reach with a little fear in her voice as she squealed at the ducks to "stop". She likes them from a distance. I don't know one duck from another but my favorites are the iridescent colored ones. The greens and blues blend on their bodies and glow. Maybe the glow is from the oil in their feathers?

After the duck fest feeding she headed for the gym set and swung on the swings and sailed down the slides. Of course when it all came to an end, she pouted and begged to stay longer.

The next stop was to Smoothie World where she got her favorite ice cream and wore much of it on her face and shirt. A pleasant afternoon was had by all and ended here at the house with her riding in her pink Jeep in the back yard.

Soon we will get in the car with the radio blaring and Carrie selecting music while I deliver her to her Mom's house. Nothing exciting about this afternoon but because of the weather and the company, I had a wonderful afternoon and for this I'm grateful! Oh, for anyone wondering, the temperature was a wonderful 76 degrees today!

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