Friday, October 23, 2009

Wreath Update

I'm beginning to enjoy this little wreath project. Tomorrow I will make a quick trip to Dollar General and scrounge around for a big bow and a few more trinkets for this wreath. I'm hoping to go to the Little House and sort through those Christmas totes; sort and discard a bunch of stuff. My brother told my sister he would not keep a lot of Christmas stuff to store all year and use for one month and I understand his feelings exactly. My sister is exactly the opposite of us. I hesitate to give a number to how many Christmas trees she stores each year. I manage to put up one tree but not sis. She has one on the porch and more then one in the house. Her yard is decorated with full size trains, deer, Santas and more. I'm just not that into it. It takes her a month to put up all the stuff and another month to take it all down. Then she has to store all that stuff and we won't even mention the other holidays she decorates for. I have to laugh when she complains that she never gets done or gets ANYTHING done. Focus, focus, focus! I spend my time streamlining and ridding myself of things that just take up space. My sister spends her time collecting more stuff. I'm waiting for the day when she says "f****it. I've had enough of having too much!
I still miss the days when everything I owed fit into a travel trailer and the bed of my pickup. I had what I needed and not one thing more. If I bought something in, I had to release something out. It was a tidy way of life.
Oh, one other note for this day. I sat on the floor and prepared to set the weight on my knee but the weight could have been deleted but for about 1 degree away from zero. I did put the weight on but just for a short time. I can see the improvement. I'm almost at zero and for that I'm grateful!

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  1. There was a time when I rued not being able to pack everything I owned on a Harley. Now that I can dang near do just that, I kind of mess the other days.


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