Monday, October 5, 2009

"This might be............"

And with those three little words at the start of a sentence uttered while buying my last car, my husband slammed me with a reality check and had I not been a stonger stubborn person would have launched me into severe depression.

He said "This might be the last car you will ever need." Until this moment I had never looked at any purchases I had made in this light. Suddenly my brain whirled with all the "last" purchases I might ever have to make. New furniture? Would this be the last sofa I would ever have to buy as I would or could or might expire before the sofa? A roof for the house? That lasts about 20 years so would my next roof on this house be the last one I would ever have to worry about?

Did I say looking at things this way weren't depressing? I could have been lying on that one. I don't really think I'm depressed about this but I can't help but look at things now with that in mind. This could be my "last" for a lot of things.

When I was younger and at which time it never crossed my mind that I would reach an age where I would look at things as my "last" purchase, I worried about how long it would be before I had to replace it. Had I known at that time that the time would come where I wouldn't have to worry about that next purchase date, I would have saved the worrying for now.

It really takes the fun out of shopping. I'm not in a hurry to buy that piece of furniture or that new car or any of those other major purchases. I suppose I should think of this in exactly the opposite manner and rush out and buy that little two seater convertible, red and sporty as all hell; maybe that's really what a mid life crisis is all about. Yes, I'm sure that's it. Mid life or nearing the end of life? Get it now before you expire!

I think I know why you don't see the elderly laughing and joking it up a lot. Besides the aches and pains, they may have just made their last purchase on something or their last trip somewhere or their last something or other. "This might be....."

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