Thursday, October 29, 2009

Passport to ????

Well, finally, my passport arrived a few days ago. It arrived shortly after those two pilots overflew that airport and still we don't know why that happened. The officials are saying now they were on their computers and missed the airport and all verbal communications from the towers and other planes that tried to contact them.

Well, let's see now. I open my laptop; Carrie is in the room with me. She approaches, does the pee pee dance and announces that nature is calling, maybe not in exactly THOSE words, but I immediately fling my laptop aside and jump up, grab her hand and we head down the hall to the bathroom. Yep, I heard her. I heard her and I didn't have headphones on to channel her voice directly into my ear and to my brain.

I don't believe we really know the reason those pilots missed their stop. I applied for my passport because I want to take a nice vacation requiring I fly to my destination. Now, I ask you, am I ready to climb aboard; to deliver my well being into the hands of an airline pilot.

I don't want to feel this way. Am I being irrational? Do other travelers out there feel the same?
It's not only pilots that I worry about. Have the airlines laid off mechanics and rotated all that work and inspection onto the remaining mechanics thereby overloading them with work which would insure they couldn't be as intense in their inspections on the aircraft?

Do I need a passport to go to Disney World? That's within driving distance. Maybe I'll just shred my passport and "do Disney".

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  1. I won't fly. It isn't from any sense of fear though.


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