Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oct 6th and in Two More Days

Carrie will officially be 4 years old. Happy Birthday to that special little girl. It seems just yesterday I was in the L&D room at LGMC (hospital) waiting on her birth and then witnessing her actually coming into this world. She was a pretty infant as infants go. Perfect little round face without a pointy head from the compression route of arrival and skin not reddened from the trauma of birthing her, she was welcomed by family and friends attending her birth.
Carrie spends a good bit of her time here at my house. Sometimes it's because her mother is working and sometimes it's just because we go pick her up because we enjoy her company.
Today we will go shopping for her birthday gift. Last year when she became 3 yrs old we didn't splurge on anything big. Small toys and a few items of clothing but this year we will find an electrically battery charged car or jeep that will be kept here for her to drive around in when she visits. She will love it.
I'm continuing on with my knee exercises and today I've already done some time weighting it while propping it on the coffee table. I think I notice a difference when I walk; sometimes I think that might just be wishful thinking though. I have to appreciate the incremental changes and not expect the knee to get full extension after only a week of this stretching. Give me patience!

It's been 7months plus weeks since the TKR.

Sister is now 13 days out from her TKR and is doing well although she is still learning what her limitations are. She was not a person that sat around a lot and always found too many tasks to keep her busy; that's all changed now. She is learning what is necessary to do and that is what she tries to do. No more trying to be super woman and doing it "all".
I'll be monitoring her progress her blog can be read at

I think that will get ya there but I'll check it out to be sure.

Have a mobile kinda day; enjoy your healthy knees if you have em.

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