Saturday, October 3, 2009

7 months post TKR

I'm sitting on the floor with weights on my knee to get it to extend. The muscles behind my knee will be sore after doing this but it's the only way I can get full extension on this knee. I still have some pain in my heel from the inflamed Achilles tendon which my doctor ordered I take Celebrex. I don't really think the Celebrex is helping; although I feel it is getting better and most days I can easily tolerate the pain.
Some days I feel as though this knee will never be fully recovered; I'll be rehabbing it for the rest of my life. I suppose there are worse things that could happen. Some days I'm just tired of the pain and want to have one day to be relieved of all pain. I think those are the days I blame on self pity. I tell myself to get a grip. It's not all that damn bad! I'm now at 7 months post op. My sister just had hers done and is at 1 week post op. She has all my sympathy and a lot of my empathy.
She sounds better each time I talk to her. She is taking her pain medication as prescribed and is being careful to take her time and not worry about what needs to be done.
And now for a weather report. It's only 80 degrees here today. I got in my car and decided to go shopping. A few miles into this venture and I'm questioning the wisdom of this decision. The traffic is horrible. Traffic jams, jammed stores and long waiting lines at the check out caused me to return shortly to my house and wait for a week day to do my shopping.
It's nap time and after a few more weighting of my knee, I'm head for that dark cool bedroom to grab my 40 winks!


  1. so sorry to hear about that. Wish you your recovery to be soon.

  2. Ouch, that seems to be quite a bit of swelling for 7 months post op? Is that normal?

    Cute Carrie pics in those recent posts.

    HELL NO, I'm glad you didn't stay and watch that gator chow down on that bloated corpse!

    Man, those guys'll eat anything! Gross!

    And yet a very descriptive post : D


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