Thursday, October 15, 2009

Carrie Today

I'm tellin ya....this is September weather and that's what I'm blaming for the wrong date I put on this video. This was taken today. ....OCTOBER 15th..not Sept 15th!

and souped up Barbie Jeep

Poor Carrie. She loves being outside and at 3:30 I enticed her inside and into the shower. She just looked grimy with her hair sweat soaked and straggly; her clothes limp and she just needed an overall freshening up. I asked her if she would feel better with a shower? She looked as though I had lost my mind. I reassured her that a shower is just what she needed. I finally had to drag her to the shower but I'm sure I know what's best for her contrary to what she may believe. Once the cool water was raining down upon her, she didn't resist any longer. We quickly showered and shampooed her hair and dressed in fresh shorts and shirt. I lotioned her with baby lotion, mainly because I love the smell of it, and soon her mother arrived to pick her up and take her home.

Tomorrow night Sonny Landreth will be playing at Downtown Alive and we will be leaving here early to find a good place to park our chairs and watch his concert. He doesn't often play for free; tomorrow evening he will.

I'm ready to head for my second shower of the day. I hear there is a cold front promised us soon and I'm keeping an eye out for that. Until then it will be multiple showers everyday and shorts and cold drinks.

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  1. How nice for her Mom to arrive and pick up a clean and sweet smelling little girl!

    Damn right, you know best!


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