Thursday, April 30, 2009

Relief Is

Seeing your doctor and having him tell you to let up a bit on the rehab! He said I was doing fine and I was too worried and that I didn't have to use the weights to straighten the knee. He said to WALK.

You see..the problem is: I didn't go to a rehab facility. I wanted to rehab it myself. I was so worried that I was behind in where that knee should be at 9 weeks post op. I could imagine him telling me I was behind and that I should have went to a rehab facility. I was so relieved when he was happy with the progress of my knee and that I should slack off a bit. He said "you know you can overdo this rehab stuff".

I plan on walking every morning and evening. He promises that lots of walking will improve the extension and that I was a mere fraction of being where I should be on the extension. He also said "time". Give it some time to heal. I won't see him for another month. I have a month of walking the neighborhood.

Right now I'm being taken out to lunch. Ciao!

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