Monday, April 6, 2009

April 6th Happy Birthday Muggie

Muesetta, the 6th child in a litter of 7. Two sisters and 4 brothers and she was considered "the baby" along with her younger brother.
Muggie was never expected to do all the things her siblings did. The work we had to do was not visited upon Muggie. She was "next" to the baby and was treated much like the baby of the family also.
Muggie is the social type. She loves having people around; she will laugh at almost anything and she loves children. She loves to travel and is ready to go anywhere in a moments notice. I never ran around with her much when we were all at home and in our teens. She was too young. Later years though, we do hang out when we can manage those many miles between us. We have had many good times together. I wish we lived closer.
When we are gather together which is rare, the seven of us discuss all those things ones share with their siblings as they are growing up together. The difference between her age and the eldest is 5 years. That doesn't seem like much but when we reminisce, Muggie doesn't remember the same things the older ones remember. She was the tail of the dog or close to the tail of the dog.
We were talking one day and I mentioned something about our dad being a smoker. Granted he wasn't a fully dedicated smoker. He would smoke for a couple of years then quit for 3 or 4 years. It never seemed like a difficult thing for him to do. He made it look easy. Mom on the other hand was a dedicated smoker. She was totally addicted; I understand this fully as I'm that kind of smoker. Anyway, as we were talking, Muggie denied dad being a smoker. She did not remember this. I had to have one of my brothers who is two years older then Muggie verify this to be true. There are other things she learns when she listens to the older siblings talk together. I must say that all of us remember things a little differently and notice some things that the others don't remember so it's always interesting to have all seven of us in a room having these conversations.
It would take days and pages to fully describe my sister. She's silly, quirky and fun to be around and I love her.

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  1. And I do agree with my sister Charlotte. Dad was a smoker, but, not bad. He would pick them up and throw them down. That is how me and my little sister Muggie takes it after. I have been a yoyo all my life. Little Sister that goes for me to, I love you and wish I lived closer, maybe one of these days. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! By the way how old are you anyways.

    Love you both Sister's.....Che


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