Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fools of April

It's April already? How DID that happen. This year is speeding along much to quickly for me to keep up.

I've decided to kick up my stretch workouts the remainder of this week. Every time I sit down, it will be in the tall chair to work on flexion or on the sofa with my leg on the footstool to stretch the hamstrings.

Added to this program, I'll lace up my walking shoes and do aim for a block a day of walking for the first few days. I need to set some goals for myself to get this done. I've always performed better with a set goal.

On another note, April 6th is my sister's birthday. Let me say right now, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her just in the event I should forget on the actual day. Another year for her but it doesn't show at all unless you watch her walk. Her face and figure are fine. It's those knees (rolling eyes here). I do believe I might just be rubbing it in on the knee thing. Since I've had mine done I feel a bit superior...NOT!!!
There have been a few times when I wondered why I even had this surgery. I know that thinking that way is because of the discomfort and the healing and rehab. I do know if I hadn't had this done, my days of walking were numbered. A few more months and more hard work on the therapy and I will be fine.
I'm off to do therapy and more therapy. (humming the birthday song for sis).

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