Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Plateau or Perserverance?

Did I pass a plateau? Did hanging the weights on my knee two days ago break a plateau; a stiffness in the knee that prevented more extension? Maybe it wasn't the weights at all; maybe it was the constant stretching? Today I can almost get full extension. Not all the way but I can definitely tell the difference when I stand and walk. The limp is less pronounced. As a matter of fact, it's almost gone! I know this is for today. I know that unless I keep stretching it I will lose what I've accomplished and although it hurt like hell yesterday to do more stretching on it, I persevered. I also know that working on the flexion may cause the extension to decrease. Right now I'm just enjoying the "almost normal" feel of walking. That's all I can do is enjoy what I have for the moment. Even if I lose a little of this extension, it gives me hope that if I got it this far once, I can attain it once again.
I'm going to walk for a while. I don't want to sit down right now. While I have this extension I'm going to use it and revel in the fact that I'm "almost normal" which is more then I was a week ago. I have hope!


  1. In this case it sounds as though hope is more than a city in Arkansas.

  2. You go girl! 800 Milligrams of Ibuprofin worked for me until I could go to the bathroom without crying from pain.


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