Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ring Wrong Ring

I'm up and about; stretches done early so I can ambulate. Almost limp less but still have more work to do on that.
I mistakenly dialed the wrong number on my cell phone this morning and reached the Imaging Center where I used to work as a relief nurse for the full time nurse there. I worked in the MRI area where the patients have to be interviewed and sometimes sedated with Valium IV before being scanned. I like the job; I only worked when the nurse there took days off or went on vacation or was sick.
When I reached Blanche (the nurse) we talked for a while and she asked if I would be willing to work there again. She knows I just had the knee rebuilt and she offered 1/2 days to see how I could handle it. I may take her up on this offer. I'll have to think about it and talk to my doctor about working right now. If I decide to not do it right now, I can go when I'm ready. It's difficult to find a fill in nurse so I'm sure the position will be available when and if I'm ready to take it. It would be a PRN position which means it would pay a higher rate then staff gets which is a good thing!
With the oil field in a slump, it wouldn't hurt for me to work occasionally. I could use the money to pay health insurance premiums. It scares me to think of being without health insurance. Did anyone notice the number of people laid off in March? Horrendous. It hasn't gotten better yet. I should be prepared for a slow year with hubby's job.
I'm off to stretch and burn. I stretch and burn most of my day. Count yourself fortunate if you never have to stretch and burn!
I had to call and tell Blanche that it would be impossible for me to take a job at this time. After talking to her this morning, I went to Walmart and walked around the store. By the time I had picked up everything I needed, my leg was burning. I'm not ready to stand or walk on it for any length of time. She said she would check back with me in a month to see if I was ready. I'll continue to stretch and burn.

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