Saturday, April 25, 2009

TKR Feelings

Done. I did get my chores done this morning. I spent some time hanging around outside and then inside for a nap. I've had such a good day. I've walked all over the place with minimal pain. Not totally pain free; muscles still creak and groan a little but I'm not complaining at all. I even have visions of total recovery in the future. This is a pleasant respite from those times when I'm disgusted and exhausted with all the rehab exercises with little or no hints of improvement for days and days. To have a day when you can feel some progress is rare and welcomed.
Neither one of us wanted to cook so we went out to dinner which left no kitchen cleanup for me!
I'm writing this in the off chance that some one that has had a total knee replacement might surf into this blog for some information and encouragement. Two months ago I had the total knee replacement (tkr). Many times after that I have had tearful moments. Moments when I felt it would never get better. Painful rehab exercises. Friends and family and online friends that would call or write to offer encouragement which helped.
I wanted a guarantee that I would recover. In the early part of this I worried I would never get the flexion or extension I needed to fully recover. I still don't have full flexion and extension but I do notice a huge difference since the surgery. Those changes came slowly. I'm beginning to feel that it will happen in time. I'm calming down a bit now and taking it day by day. I'm grasping the small improvements and appreciating each one. This is how I feel today. Today is my all. I shall cope with tomorrow when it arrives.


  1. That loud noise? Why, that's applause and it is for you.

  2. Sis, now come on, don't give up. You have went this far. It has not been that long, so it takes time for that new knee of yours to get connected with that brain of yours.


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