Saturday, April 25, 2009

To Do, To Do

Damn! I'm up and about and pain free. Yep, those muscle cramps and the inability to walk yesterday can be blamed on the wall slide exercises. I'll do more but I may just not do any this weekend so I can enjoy the two days. After yesterday, I'm positively giddy that I can walk and walk pain free today. Just that insures a good day.
I'm looking around at all the stuff I need to do and most of it is inside. The sweeper, the floors that need mopped, dishes, beds and I don't want to do a thing. I do know that all this won't take more then 1/2 hr if I kick it in gear and just move. I'm getting primed to do just that. I know the urge is going to strike and I'll be like a dervish whirlwind of activity here.
It is really too nice outside to be inside at all. I need to move now; I need to get my chores done so we can go play this afternoon. I also need to do chores on the off chance that I stumble into the phone that appears to have disappeared. I don't even have any kids around to blame for misplacing that telephone. Sometimes it's just not smart to have cordless phones. In the old days we knew where the phone could be found. It had a cord attached to it and the other end was attached to the base. Ah, those were the days huh? We always knew and we never had to go on the great phone hunt.
I think I feel the urge to do something. On the off chance that I'm really feeling that urge, I'm signing off and moving. Moving to get some stuff done. If this isn't what I'm feeling, I can be found surfing the net or watching the wind blow from my chair on the patio.

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