Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Childless or Childfree

Carrie won't be with us on a regular basis for a while. Her mother got laid off yesterday and came and picked her up before noon. Carrie didn't really want to go but after some cajoling from her mother she left. I wasn't home when daughter came for Carrie so I drove to her house to see Carrie. She was cuddled up in bed with her mom and getting ready to watch a movie. She looked comfortable and not distressed at all by the change in plans for her. That's a good thing. It will do her good to spend more time with her mother. I know Carrie misses seeing her though she doesn't express it all the time.
Weather? Yep, we have weather. It's weather of the cold kind. I stepped outside this morning expecting to be blasted by a cold breeze and was pleasantly surprised to find no wind and warmth in the air. I think the cold has passed through here once again and we will be getting our mild temps back again. Hubby is mowing the lawn as we type.
Knee news? Yep some of that too. It's stiff again. I was so bummed out this morning. I walked around and did some stretching and that helped a lot. I must realize that stiffness after sitting or sleeping is norm. It will always have to be stretched to keep it moving. Deep breath and move on.
I have some housework to do and a lot of walking to do. I already did my stretch and burn for the morning but I'll do more midday and again in the evening. Most of my time is taken by all the rehab exercises.

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