Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Rainy Stormy Thursday and Grey Gardens

I was awake early this morning but chose to stay in the prone position and hope for more sleep. It worked. I drifted off for a while longer. When Carrie arrives, sleep is scarce.

It's not just raining here. It's pouring down in buckets. It's dark and overcast. I can hear the thunder rumbling and see occasional flashes of lightning. We were forecast some severe storms for today. They are here already.

I'm doing more extension exercises and I'm beginning to notice a difference. I have more. More extension but I'm still distressed to find that when I sit for a while with the knee at 90 degrees, I have to work on the extension again to be able to walk. Maybe as the muscles get stronger in my thigh, I'll be able to force an extension with the hamstrings. They are tight and that's what the extension exercises are working to lengthen them.

I'm in a little better frame of mind about all this although at times I still get frustrated. I need to work on that fustration.

Now, one other note. April 18th on HBO, they are showing Grey Gardens. I watched a documentary about these socialites and was amazed. Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange are in this movie and I'm tagging my calendar to make sure I watch it.

Two socialites, mother and daughter are remaining in a falling down mansion with no money to maintain the mansion or buy food. They eat cat food (filmed during the documentary). The house is more then unkempt. It's filthy. Cat feces everywhere. Electrical wires hanging down throughout the mansion. The walls are grimy. Art work is stacked on the floors leaning against the walls with cat feces on them. The ladies are oblivious to all this. They are aristocrats. They talk about fashion and art as if they were living the life of the wealthy. The daughter drapes clothing around her body to create new looks. She wears pants on her head; draperies fashioned into clothing wraps and designers copied her concoctions and displayed them on their runways.
They are relatives of Jackie Kennedy. She eventually steps in to try to help them. She hired crews of people to go in and clean up the mansion.
I'm hoping the movie is as good as the documentary.
I'm off to stretch and stretch.
Late Afternoon Addendum:
The sun is out and roaming across the sky. It's spreading some beautiful light on the bright green grass that just got saturated this morning so Carrie and I took a walk. The first walk for me other then the small walks in the house and the yard. We walked down the sidewalk to the stop sign and then around the corner and to a neighbor's house. We dodged water puddles on the sidewalk and Carrie picked clover flowers for me. She watched for squirrels in the trees and birds sitting on rooftops and pointed these things out to me.
About those water puddles. I dodged them but Carrie preferred to splash right through them. I didn't admonish her. I remember how much fun that was to do. I did warn her she would be wet but she didn't seem to mind. Of course she wouldn't. She's THREE!!

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