Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Michael Douglas and TKA

My sister called this morning and told me that Michael Douglas was on The Tonight Show and he had had a total knee replacement 4 weeks ago. Since I didn't get to see the show, I went to and looked up "talk shows" and then to The Tonight Show and then to the M. Douglas clip. I wanted to see what he had to say. I got to watch him walk across the stage to where Jay Leno greeted him. I've heard some say he walked normal. He did look good but he did have that "hitch" to his gait that results from not having "0" extension. I could see that "hitch" because of my recent knee replacement. That is the same "hitch" I have when walking. Sometimes it's worst then other times. If I extend my leg on the coffee table then stand up immediately and walk, I have better extension and the limp is barely noticeable.

I would have liked to see M. Douglas stand up from his chair there on the dais. I did notice also that his flexion was about 90 degrees. I'm sure standing is a challenge for him also.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my ortho doctor. I'm ready to see what he thinks about where I am in this rehab process.

I know that I have made some progress. Right now I'm due to sit on the floor with my weights. I took a Vicodin about 20 minutes ago. It's time to stretch and burn once again.

P.S. to my froggy sister that has a difficult time reading my blogs, I'm posting them in a bigger font instead of a different color for her old blind eyes.

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