Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Tuesday

Nothing special going on although I'm sore. My knee is the part of me that is sore and it's not really the knee but the muscles surrounding the knee that are painful. Last night was a mainly sleepless night. I tossed and turned most of the night and finally gave up at about 4AM and climbed on the sofa. With the TV on I could drift off to sleep. I dread exercising today.
Daughter was taking Carrie to the park today so I told her I would meet her there. It's a little chilly outside but the sun was shining and as long as we sat in the sunlight, it felt great.
Carrie showed up wearing her burgundy velvet "princess dress", tiara and purple heels. She had a hoodie that was pink with multicolored flowers all over it. She made quite the statement and she was so proud of her clothing. I kept looking for the cameras and the "What Not to Wear" crew from that TV show.
Her mother said that is what she wanted to wear and since this was her day, she could wear what she wanted. The other kids were apparently wearing clothes their parents selected for them. Ya know. The jeans, tennis shoes and light jackets. How boring! I'm sure they weren't as happy as Carrie. Some parents strive to be too appropriate.
I walked around the park and discovered that my foot is now hitting the ground with more of the heel touching down first which is great. That means I have a bit more extension. I'll do the "10 lb potato on the knee" thing this afternoon. The soreness I felt this morning was from the stretching from the day before. It has to hurt to get better. I still hate it. I can only be grateful that I had only one of these knees that needed replaced. Pity the poor person that has to have both of them done!
I have a big pan of Lasagna in the oven. I think it's done! Chow! or Ciao!

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  1. I used to share space with a chow. Black Bolt was his name. A fine lad he was.

    How are you doing today?


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