Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday April 26

I'm sitting on the floor with the laptop on the coffee table, my leg outstretched with the heel of my foot on a pillow and weights on my knee. Of course I have a few Percosets on board which I took about 45 minutes ago. It's time to try for more extension. Just another day of Percosets and rehab. I must increase the amount of rehab time the remainder of this week. I have a doctor's appointment on the 30th and he will be checking the amount of flexion and extension I have attained. I want this to look good. I will probably not be able to do much walking tomorrow because of the stressing of the leg today. This is a must and this is normal procedure. No pain no gain. I truly know what that means now.
Grey Gardens is playing on HBO and I'm tuned in and watching it again. Hubby is watching the draft picks for the NFL. It's a beautiful spring Sunday here.
Carrie should be returning today from her visit with her father. I'll go get her and have her spend a few hours here later today. At the risk of sounding totally disconnected in this blog, I need to insert a comment here regarding the post I did titled "Beneath The Skin". That blog was about trust and really knowing someone.
Here I would like to say, although I may feel I don't really know anyone nor totally trust anyone, I will have to amend that to say "except for the very young".
With Carrie, I trust her to be mostly honest (if she breaks something, she may violate that truth and honesty ) and at only 3 years of age and those 3 years I have watched her closely so I can say that I know her. As life intrudes and molds her and she grows and expands her circle of friends and acquaintances I might have to amend this statement again. There will be much about her that she will hold secret and some of those things she might share with one she chooses; there will be some things she won't want to share with anyone. We all have our secrets, our fantasies and our dreams. Some of those we share and some we don't.
My self imposed sadist exercises are over. I don't expect to be able to walk tomorrow. I must post a note on the fridge or I'll be depressed tomorrow when I don't remember why I'm in so much pain that I can't walk!

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