Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Sunday Drive

I think we drove to the end of the earth today. We left here and drove through Youngsville, Maurice, Abbeyville and then headed to lands end, Intercostal City. This little town is oilfield and shrimping. A strange combination but both have one thing in common. The Gulf.

Shrimp boats were lined up and docked. Oilfield work boats and passenger carrier boats were docked about 1/2 mile up from the shrimp boats. The major oil companies have docks in Intercoastal City. The offshore workers drive to these docks and then are taken off shore via crew boats or helicopters. PHI(Petroleum Helicopters, Inc.) has a helicopter site there too.
It's a busy little town. We could see maintenance being done on the boats; welding, scrubbing and painting to keep the equipment in shape. Cranes were moving equipment around in the yards. Seeing people busy in this economy is a good thing.
On the way back, we stopped in Abbeyville for lunch. We had lunch on the Vermillion Bayou at a restaurant that had an outdoor patio that jutted out over the bayou and just upriver from the drawbridge that crosses that bayou. We watched families cruising up the bayou; their boats filled with laughing children enjoying the good weather and the muddy bayou.
We had fresh gulf shrimp and a wonderful grilled chicken served over angel hair pasta smothered in bechamel sauce. Very rich and way too much to eat.
We had Bloody Marys that were spicy and coffee with cream that was rich and strong and lingered over after lunch.
It's almost 3:30 and I'm back home. All good things end and it's time to stretch and burn.

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