Saturday, April 18, 2009

Smoothie Rox

This is a Ted day. We are at the Smoothie Rox in Youngsville, La. a small town within a few miles of my place. Ted and his freind Tyler are playing the Playstation 3. There is a line of 5 laptops along the wall for customer use. I've never been here before and since this is Ted's day to do what he wants, he chose to come here. A nice place. Tables, sofa, lounge chairs, laptops and Playstation. What more could one want.

The weather is warm and filled with gusty blasts of air. We are still in line for more rain. We got a bunch of that stuff last night. Carrie left with her dad early this morning to spend the next few days with him. She was so excited to see him. I told her she had to get dressed right away this morning as her Dad was coming to pick her up. She never argues about dressing when she knows her dad is coming to pick her up.

We are ready to leave now but I will be stopping in here occasionally.
We are on our way to a friend of Ted's. He and Tyler will spend the afternoon there and I will go home and eat some Percosets and cuddle up with my 10lb bag of potatoes and my ankle weights. Repeat of last night. Some more stretch and burn playtime. I just love this. I will surely miss having all this fun some day...I hope. Maybe someday I will be picking up a bag of potatoes with the intention of peeling and cooking some instead of using them for a leg weight. Someday.
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