Sunday, April 19, 2009

Heartbreak/Broken Promises

It started early in the morning. She waited. She had been told yesterday that he was coming for her and would be here tomorrow. It is now tomorrow and she waits. She hears a car and runs to the door. I follow knowing she will want to open the door and look outside. I swing the door open and step back and she rushes forward to peek out the door to see if he is outside. Her little face looses it's smile as she notes there is no one outside. She steps back inside and I close the door. Her little shoulders are slumped; there is no smile on her face.
We get busy until the next car sound she hears from the street and she rushes to the door once again and waits for me to open the door for her. We repeat the same move as before; she steps to the door and peers out. We step back in and shut the door. He is not there. This continues throughout the morning and the afternoon. Each time she looks more disappointed; dejected and lost.
By the time 6PM arrives and the love of her life has failed to show up, I call her mother to report that he didn't show up and she is devastated.
The ending to this story isn't important. It's late. He should have been here early and she knew it. A promise was broken and a heart was shattered. A promise is an article of honesty. Not keeping that promise is being dishonest to her. Will she ever trust him completely again? I won't forget easily.
How sad to promise someone something; someone that trusts and believes in you and that loves you with all her heart. How sad that someone could be so uncaring and selfish as to disappoint after a promise has been made. That hurt can only be felt by someone that loves and she does love her daddy. She will forget. She is young. In a few more years she won't be forgetting so quickly the promises broken.


  1. Promises should never be lightly given. A promise given should never be broken for any reason other than an event of such magnitude it renders the promise impossible to keep.

  2. That is really sad. To do that to a child. A child don't really understand like an adult would. It should have never been said that he was going to be picking her up, or, he should have called her and explained why he didn't come.

  3. che,,,,some adults cant figure out when they have broken promises either...they cant see the forest for the trees,,,but they ought to know their is always one more tree around the bend.they only want to see what they want to see.....


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