Monday, April 13, 2009

Week 7 Post Op TKR

and smokeless!
I woke to a foggy morning. It looks like a steam sauna outside right now but that will soon burn off when the sun arrives. Hubby is loading up his stuff to take a nice 3hr drive in this fog. Something I dislike almost as much as driving on ice is driving in fog.
Today is week 7 post op. Some days I feel good about the movement of my knee and some times I am discouraged and feel that I should be farther along in this process.
Clinically speaking: more extenstion and about 98 on flexion with lots of soreness today.
Continued Late Afternoon:
I saved and didn't publish this post because I decided I would add to it. I did a lot of stretching on the knee and now it's so sore I can barely walk. I hobbled around the store and picked up a few groceries and then stopped by daughters' house. Of course I couldn't leave and come home alone. Ted wanted to come and I told Carrrie she couldn't come with me. She immediately burst into tears and of course I gave in and bought her home with me also. Later after I took her home it took a while to pick up all her toys and stuff she dragged out of her toy box. I think that's the main reason I didn't want to bring her home with me. I didn't want to clean up her mess.
I'm off to bed. More tomorrow.

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  1. Hang in there with that knee. I mean, what else can you do huh? AS a nurse you can probably remember what other patients had to go through. What are the big red flowers that Carrie is standing by? They are gorgeous!! She has learned the art of posing hasn't she? So have my granddaughters. They have to pose a lot for a grandma that scrapbooks.


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