Monday, April 20, 2009

TKR 8 weeks post op

TodayAlign Left is 8 weeks post op. Clinically I have more movement. I can get almost fully straight on extension by sitting on the floor, extending my knee and putting 16 lbs of weight on my knee. Of course by doing this I create an enormous amount of pain and burning and the next day I've again lost the full extension. On flexion, I gain a little bit more each time I work on the flexion exercises. I've finally calmed down a little and decided that eventually this will all come together and I'm trying not to count the weeks post op and gauge where I should be. This is where I am now. It will get better. I can walk. I can get around to do things. The strength in my leg is better. I get less burn and more walk time before it tires out so I'm improving. It's slow going. That's the way it is and that will have to be good enough for me.

The knee swelling continues to decrease and I can actually see some shape returning to the big blob. On the sides of the patella I can see some indentation. The hematoma on the left has completly disappeared. Improvement!

This is just my update for post op week 8.

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