Monday, April 20, 2009

Babies, Bookcases and Bullshit

Observations on Women Seeking Man in the year 2009:

Sitting in a garage for a week won't make you a car. Sitting in a Catholic church for a month won't make you a Catholic. Cars are assembled in Detroit and take weeks to complete. Becoming a Catholic is not an over night process. Most religions hook the children at a young age to indoctrinate them to all the fairy tales they believe in. I don't understand how an adult with no religious background could embrace any religion overnight. Do you make this decision based upon the man you are stalking? How does one change to accommodate some one else? Can these changes be permanent? I've watched friends try to remake themselves into someone that would appeal to the man they were interested in. The first step in this process is to observe his likes and dislikes then mold yourself into that person. Why should they feel they must do this? Some women would feign a huge appetite for sex. Some would go the kitchen route by deluging that male with good home cooked meals. Some would change multiple things about themselves to entice that elusive male catch. I was amazed to find this still being done in this date and time. We used to call this "selling out" when I was younger.

Making or accepting excuses time after time for broken promises and out right lies; something I find difficult to accommodate and will instigate a requirement on your part to prove yourself. Anger building after each disappointment. Anger knowing that your friends and family are observing the lies he tells and your excuses for him. Directing anger to others instead of to the person causing you pain; a phenomenon I have seen too often. To rebuild trust is required. How much of this behavior is required to negate all future trust?

Another thing I've pondered is issue avoidance. I have a friend that has a son that recently ended up on the wrong side of the law and had to go away for punishment. Although my friend isn't happy about this, when we talk, the subject usually comes up. She doesn't try to avoid it and neither do I. We discuss it for a while, questions are asked and answered and I never feel as though she avoids the subject. To avoid the subject would be like denying the elephant in the room. It would make our conversations very abnormal, stilted and uncomfortable so we address the issue at times and then move on. That's a normal conversation among friends. This is an important issue in her life and we don't studiously avoid it. That would make it a bigger issue then what it is already.

A strange post I admit. It is happening and it's just an observation. A report on that observation. Just an observation that everyone with dating experience must have observed also.

Viewing the world through rose tinted glasses has never been a fault of mine. I'm not denying my faults but this was never one of them. I'm working on all the other faults I have. On that note, I'm out of here to do some wonderful stretches and feel the burn!

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  1. i would like to find one person that has the perfect relationship....if it is flawless with any faults at all,,then i feel like that is babies..bookcases and relationship is void of some itty bitty teeny little white lie..alas,,,,I'd like to find the one that thinks they are.


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