Friday, April 3, 2009

CarrieLess Friday

A Friday without Carrie. She is visiting her father this weekend and leaving today to spend that time with him. I'll miss that baby girl! Although I will miss her it will be nice to be childless for a while. I want to do some shopping and that's always easier without a child along.

Downtown Alive tonight! Tab Benoit is playing at the Downtown Alive party and we will be going. It's going to be chilly. It's only 54 degrees this morning. We'll take some folding chairs and I'll be able to stay for as long as I want.

I am noticing some improvement in extension. Swelling is gradually less. I can fake a fairly decent walk now. I only feel pain when I'm exercising. Yesterday I took one Percoset and that was late afternoon. I was told not to expect great leaps in progress with rehab. Incremental changes and then holding onto those changes by frequent stretching and exercising. Even going a day without multiple exercise sessions will cause loss of motion. Just another day of the same and more.

I've been watching our President in Europe this morning. I'm just enjoying the fact that he doesn't sound like a dolt. He is coherent and intelligent. He can hold his own during Q&A sessions. The voters blessed America at least for this term!

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