Friday, April 24, 2009

Beneath The Skin

I've been watching the news reports on the Craigslist killer. Particularly interesting to me has been the killer's fiance. She is defending him with statements that go something like this. "He wouldn't hurt anyone" "I don't believe any of this" "He is a kind and gentle soul" ad infinite.
My question is "Do we really know anyone?" You might think you know that person that you have slept beside for the past 20 years. You may think you know how they would behave in any given situation but do you really?
The man that kills his wife to avoid paying alimony or sharing with her in the divorce proceedings half his wealth; the man who kills his wife to avoid being confronted by the lies he has told, the money he has gambled away without her knowledge or the affair he was having. Do you really know who you are sleeping with? I always think back to Scott Peterson and all the lies he told his lover about being in Paris when in fact he was just down the road at his home. Why? What was the point in telling these lies. Of course, the worse lie in that whole scene was the fact he killed his wife and unborn son and pitched them into the bay.
And then there are those that tell lies without reason. I don't understand telling a lie when the truth would suffice. A lie for no reason? A lie that isn't intended to cover something up? Is that pathological lying?
I know I used the male gender in this discussion; you can substitute "her" any where in the above text. It does seem to me that most of these incidents are "he" though.
I find that a woman will stick around; she wants to believe what she wants to believe. She will often times stay in a marriage when the husband has become debilitated; some men would stay but many opt out of the caretaker role but that's a whole other discussion.
Every time I see the picture flash across my TV screen of the Craigslist killer, the same thought flashes across my brain. "he doesn't look the type". "He looks like the kid next door". Tell the truth. You have thought that also. If I had a son I would be looking at him wondering just how well I knew him too. Scary huh?
Hubby and I were laying in bed watching a movie a couple of nights ago. It was a thriller. The woman and her sister schemed to murder the husband. The psych doctor was going to be set up to take the blame for this murder. The wife used a hand weight to bash her husband in the side of the head. Soon a commercial came on and I went into the dressing room where hubby's hand weights were. Just the other day I was trying to think of a weight I could use when I sat and stretched my knee. We are eating the potatoes so the bag doesn't have the weight it used to. If this confuses you, then you might have to go back and read previous blogs about using a bag of potatoes for a knee weight. I digress and sometimes often I digress.
Anyway, I bought the weight out of the dressing room and put it on the desk in the bedroom and climbed back into bed. What I didn't notice was the look on hubby's face. I did hear him say "Um, what's the weight for?". I had to laugh when I saw his face. I also had to explain about getting it to take to the living room on my next trip through to use as a weight.
Trust? Do you really know who you are sleeping beside?

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  1. I'm confident of the person I'm sleeping beside, but I do sleep lightly.


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