Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stretch and Burn

Here I sit, my leg on a pillow; the pillow is on the coffee table. It's time to stretch and burn. I sit with leg extended and supported by the heel only on the pillow. The knee is unsupported as it should be. The weight of the knee is supposed to drop it down to a full extension...eventually. I have to call my brother in law occasionally for moral support. This is what he did and eventually it will work. I think "eventually" really means over a month or two of time. This sucks. It really sucks. I do it anyway. I want to walk without a limp someday.

This Monday will be 5weeks post op. Clinically speaking, the knee has more extension then it did a week ago. I can straighten it easier when I stand and I can walk a bit faster. No speeding here but a little faster walk is noted. No pain except when exercising and when arising in the morning. I still need to work on flexion. Only about 100 degree flexion right now. I still have Percoset but I don't take it often. That's my clinical knee update for myself mainly. I want to be able to look back and see where I was at this time in my post op period.

It's windy here. Sunny and windy and the wind makes it feel cold. I'm going to do my walk around the block to build strength.

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